last Tuesday we done Skype with a school class in Malaysia. i learnt that they have different names 1 question i would ask them is do they play sport. I would not like to do it again because it was boring.



Guest Blogger- Billey from Apollo Bay P-12 college

This is Billey Interviewing Patrick live from Apollo Bay P-12 College

Billey: So what is your favourite sport and why do you like it?

Patrick: Football because you can kick lots of goals and take good marks.

Billey: How many goals did you kick this season?

Patrick: 1, I just picked up the ball and put it on the boot and it rolled through.

Billey: Which AFL team do you support and whos your favourite player and why?

Patrick: Richmond because they’re good and Daniel Jackson because he is good and can kick good goals.

Billey: I support richmond as well, the best team of all.




semester 1

this semester i have enjoyed winter sports, cooking, and pe. in cooking i have enjoyed the cultural foods what we chose to make, winter sports i have enjoyed playing football, i played in the forward line for 2 games then in the back line for the last games, pe i have enjoyed battle ball, soccer and basketball.