Apollo bay visit

On friday the 26th of april year 8 students from hawkesdale went to apollo bay for a blogging thing. it took about 3 hours to get to apollo bay. On the way we watched a movie. it was called free willy. when we got there we got wet suits and a surf board and drove down to the beach . we surfed for like 2 hours. After we came back from surfing we got changed into our school clothes  and then had a bbq. After lunch we went with year sevens and eights from their school to blog.we done blogging  for about an hour. after blogging we done PE we played dodge ball and boot ball after pe we wnt back to hawkesdale.


term 1 review

In term 1 I enjoyed Cooking because we got to make food to take home.

PE because we got to go swimming because it was so hot.

Swimming sports because you got to swim and it was refreshing after being in the sun all week.

digital photography because we got to drawour worst dream on ten slides.

humanities because we got to watch robin hood




interesting emails

things not right about this email:

1. the chinese writing.

2. username.

3. what the sentance starts with

things not right about this message:

1. no logo

2. the amount of money.

3. you have to download the servey to get the money.

4.  you get money for doing a servey for free.









swimming sports

On friday we had our school swimming sports. The events were freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and the realay.The events I was in were freestyle and breaststroke. At the end of the day mitchel won the sports by about 60 points.